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Neither do I.

Rents will never go down. I think that’s a fair prediction. Not unless Boston University and Boston College become Framingham University and Nashua College will it happen. There’s just too much demand, no matter how many apartments are built.

I mean never, as in, never this decade, or next, at least.

But, that’s not what others think.

Market watchers add that the large number of apartment projects now in the pipeline should keep rents in check in the future.

MP/F [Research] says 8,337 Hub-area units are currently under construction – more than all of the apartments built in the 1990s.

[Greg Willett, M/PF’s vice president of research] said this added inventory means future rent increases should trail inflation, while renters will enjoy lots of selection.

“The norm in Boston has been that once you’ve chosen a neighborhood, you have two or three apartments to choose from,� he said. “But (in the future), you’ll have 200 or 300 to choose from.�

Does that seem realistic to you? I mean, really.

Complete article: Report shows Hub rents going up – By Jerry Kronenberg, The Boston Herald

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Updated: January 2018

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