Real estate broker commissions

Description: A survey to find out what readers think about real estate broker commissions..

Question : In one sentence, please tell me, why you would or would NOT use a real estate agent to buy a home.

I think I can do it myself / Too expensive

I have the time/skill to search out homes on my own and know how to negotiate.

area knowledge, market knowledge

too expensive

I would use an agent because I would probably be moving to a community I am unframiliar with

rookie, never done it before

There is no reason not to since the seller pays the commission

To help barter with the sellers agent

I know the target communities well enough and have time to do the legwork.

i can do almost as good of a job and save the commission

when we bought 3 yrs ago, our buyers agent was completely useless.

All I need is an attorney- I have all the data I need- however

To get access to houses before the open house.

my time is still more valuable to me

I need experienced help to make sure I don’t get screwed.

To ease a complicated process that I would totally fuck up trying to navigate by myself.

I enjoy doing many of the things a buyers agent would do (searching neighborhood information, sales data, house listings, etc), so I don’t see it as a chore.

I am not sure, because the buyer’s agent is “free” from the buyer’s point of view.

They are shady

Would probably not because hard to find buyer’s agent who works to find right home for you, not highest commission for them with an exclusive contract

I work full time and would like someone else to wade through the more mundane aspects of the process for me.

would use one. no cost to me

Familiar with area; Seller’s agent would rather sell to me than someone with a buyer’s agent

I didn’t use one when buying my current condo, and saved $

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Updated: January 2018

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