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It’s the same old same old from CONgress and our criminal justice system…robo-signing legal documents is still a daily bankster practice here in Massachusetts. Sad, but true. Our legal system is no match for the too-big-to-fail banks.

What in the hell does Eric Holder do all damn day?

I found this excerpt in a Chicago newspaper interesting:

In Essex County, Mass., the office that handles property deeds has received almost 1,300 documents since October with the signature of “Linda Green,” but in 22 different handwriting styles and with many different titles.

Linda Green worked for a company called DocX that processed mortgage paperwork and was shut down in the spring of 2010. County officials say they believe Green hasn’t worked in the industry since. Why her signature remains in use is not clear.

“My office is a crime scene,” says John O’Brien, the registrar of deeds in Essex County, which is north of Boston and includes the city of Salem.

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