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Short Story: Beacon Hill Apartment Roommates

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Short Story: Beacon Hill Apartment Roommates

Kevin laid on the couch in the living-room, as long as I could, dreading what was about to happen in his Beacon Hill apartment. Time to get up, he thought. He let out a soft morning groan, rubbed his eyes. When he manage to get off the couch from his mid-day nap, an array of cardboard boxes were scattered near-by, waiting to be filled. Kevin asked. “Would you like some lunch?” “Sure,” she said, with a slight forced smile. “That’d be great.”

After lunch. He filled a boxes with books, then turned to her paperweight collection. He reached for another box, plopping it down on the rug with a sound of rustling paperboard; and he realized that sound, that cardboard box sound, was the sound he would remember for many years latter, of their Beacon Hill apartment roommate relationship ending. I wish I had the courage to tell her he mumbled under his breath.

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