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Should you renovate your downtown Boston condo before listing it for sale? Some experts say probably not, however if you’re going to do it follow these Boston real estate tips (scroll down).

Should I Renovate My House Before I Sell It? [INFOGRAPHIC] |

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Should You Update Your Home Before You Sell?

Downtown Boston real estate brokers usually recommend it, but should you update your Beacon Hill condo for sale? Conventional wisdom says updating results in a higher sale price and a faster sale. That’s not always the case; Boston downtown real estate is not a one size fits all business and a dollar in is rarely a dollar out.

Who Says You Should Update Before Listing?

Every Boston condo for sale will sell; the only question is what the market (current buyers) will pay. The single most important variable is the micro-market condition. Where is the Boston condo, what’s the price point, and how’s the market? 

Cost vs Return

Not every home requires significant updating before listing; fresh pine straw, pressure wash, decluttering and colorful flowers might be just fine. Money can be saved working with a professional agent to analyze the market and determine what, if anything, is genuinely required

The Keys to Success

Every Beacon Hill condo sells at some point. The best outcomes have three key factors aligned when compared with the competition; price exposure appeal. The home must be accurately priced, must be easy for both agents and the public to find and it must be appealing. So:

1 – Work only with professional Boston downtown real estate offices (GOOGLE )
2 – Identify the most likely buyer (know and target your audience)
3 – Review trends over the last year and anticipate the next several months
4 – Identify any areas requiring special attention.
5 – Price it competitively (in line with closed sales, what is an appraiser going to see?)
6 – Negotiate realistically (it’s business, don’t take anything personally)

Please also note if trees and shrubs around the condominium building need to be trimmed of removed hire a professional tree service company. You can check the services of  to help you solve your problem.    

Boston downtown real estate isn’t rocket science, but 10% of the agents do 90% of the business for a reason. Experienced agents understand the nuances and trends, know how to position homes to successfully sell and understand how to manage things to the closing table.

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