Will people buy real estate, this spring?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Last year, we ended up having a fair spring, with good levels of inventory and sellers getting close to full asking price.

Then, things dropped off, a lot (volume-wise, at least).

Then, for about a week in the fall, things were hot.

Then, cold.

This past week, I feel as though things have gone red hot, based on the activity I’m seeing in the South End, Back Bay, and Beacon Hill. A good number of under-agreements, and a jump in new units on the market.

And, is there a better bell-weather than the Court Square Press building? Some units have sold there, within a matter of days; some have stayed on for 200, 300, 900 days.

Yet, over the past week, three units have gone under that were on the market for a month or less, and a new one has come on the market at a good price.

If they’re encouraged, everyone should be.

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