Step 1. Considerations, Pre-Offer Issues 

Deciding whether or not you want to buy a Boston Beacon Hill condo involves an evaluation of its structure and its features and more. Possible resale value? Existing and future developments in the area? The age of the building? condo dues? My Beacon Hill agents educate on all of these issues.

Step 2. Make an Offer 

When you find the Beacon Hill condominium you want, your agent will write a purchase contract commonly known as an offer. Your offer will display what you are willing to pay for and what you are not, when you want to close, and when you want to take possession of the home. Your offer will be made after inspections. If the inspection reveals a problem, you and the seller can renegotiate the purchase price if you are still interested in buying the property.

Step 3. Putting Down Earnest Money 

When you make your initial offer, you should also include an earnest money check. Earnest money is a ‘good faith’ deposit that shows a seller that you are submitting a serious offer. (Generally 1-3% of total loan amount) The check is then deposited into an escrow account by a closing attorney or real estate broker and is held in trust until either closing or the check is returned to the buyer. If you purchase the property, the full amount of the earnest money check is applied to your standard closing costs. If you decided not to buy the property in question, the check is returned to you if you fulfill the contract in full and both you and the seller agree that your negotiations are at an end.

Step 4. Counter Offers 

The first offer you make most likely will not be accepted as is (especially with a low offer) and the seller will submit a counter offer. There is a timeframe in which each party must respond to the original offer and all suceeding counter offers. You will need to remain available to your agent. There can be several rounds of counter offers, but it usually does not a terribly long time.

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