A story of a good Beacon Hill real estate agent

One of the problems with the real estate industry is how easy one can obtain a real estate license, as a result, our industry sometimes attracts individuals who want to make a fast buck. The fact is a large majority of individuals who obtained a real estate license end up dropping out of the profession, its a lot harder than it looks.

Beacon Hill honesty

Being honest is important in any professional field, but it’s very important in the Beacon Hill real estate industry. When a broker is helping you buy or sell a Boston Beacon Hill condo, you’re most likely trusting them with one of the largest, if not the largest, financial transaction of your life. Unfortunately, the real estate agent industry has its share of bad apples — not unlike other professions such as lawyers or stock brokers — because some real estate agent don’t know the difference between truths and lies. You rarely hear about the honest real estate agents in the national news as most coverage is devoted to real estate brokers conducting Craigslist scams. The truth is about 10% of the agents do 90% of the business, and that top 10% are more likely to be the type Boston Beacon Hill condo buyers and sellers can trust. Many home buyers and home sellers say they want their real estate agent to be honest, ethical, professional and experienced.

Beacon Hill condo story

The reason I bring this up, over the weekend I showed one of my clients a condominium in Beacon Hill, Massachusetts, the agent was very truthful and professional. The agent didn’t hide the flaws of the unit and she made clear that the owner can’t close on the deal until they find another single-family home in the same area. Since my client was in a rush to close, the agent admitted that this may not be the best property however, one of her competitors will be getting new listing in the same complex in the next few days. Thumbs up to her, she may have lost a sale with us, but she showed me at my client her strong moral character which explains why she’s in the top 10% sales agent in the area.

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Updated: 2018