The Bryant – 301 Columbus Ave, in the South End

The Bryant will be a 50-unit condo project at 301-319 Columbus Ave, in the South End.

A unique feature of the project is that two-thirds of the units, 33 out of 50, will include three-bedrooms. Most condos in downtown Boston are smaller, one or two bedrooms, basically because of the floorplans of most old Victorian buildings. There’s not enough square footage for a third bedroom.

The land was previously owned by Paul Roiff, local real estate developer and co-owner of nearby restaurant Mistral. The land, at least 301 Columbus Ave, was sold to out-of-town developer Wasserman Real Estate Capital, of Providence, last fall, for $18 million.

The condos are expected to be marketed in the $1.2 million – $1.8 million range, and be completed, first quarter, 2008.

The building will have a brick exterior.

The project is named after 19th-century Boston architect Gridley James Fox Bryant , designer of Old City Hall on School Street.