A couple stories by Paul Restuccia in the Herald today, about the Leather District.

The Leather District is just a smidgen of a neighborhood, between Chinatown, South Station, Fort Point Channel, and … Route 93 South? I guess that’d be its boundaries.

There are several loft buildings, mostly for sale, plus a good mixture of retail and commercial space.

Parking is not easy. Access to just about every form of transportation, is.

The Leather District – a nine-street neighborhood sandwiched between South Station and Chinatown – has begun attracting lots of people like Royal: young professionals who work in the city.

Buyers say the Leather District offers more for the money than the South End, Beacon Hill or Back Bay do.

The Leather District’s lofts and “hybrid lofts” average about $450 a square foot – some 25 percent less than similar South End places run.

“You tend to get a little more adventurous buyer here, because the area still has an urban edge,” said Chad Lingle, marketing director for the Beach Street Lofts, one of several local condo conversions.

Some of the condo conversions leave a lot to desire. Some of the old conversions offer great space. And, proposals for new condo projects will certainly spice up the area.

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