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Putting an offer on a new downtown Boston condo can force buyers into a very precarious situation. Often, they’re tasked with deciding on a home having spent very little time inside the home. Because your window to inspect the property is only open for a short time, knowing what red flags to avoid can make all the difference. Here are five things to watch out for when buying a home.

Boston Real Estate: Neighborhood Noises

Some noise from outside is to be expected, especially if you move to a busy neighborhood. When you’re at a viewing or open house for a Beacon Hill condo for sale, ask the realtor to lower the ambient noise in the unit as much as possible to get a more realistic idea of the noise pollution levels when there’s no noise in the condominium.

Boston Real Estate: Special Assessments

It’s important to find out is there is any special assessment scheduled. A special assessment can run you thousands of dollars. You’ll want to consider the age of the roof, look for signs of structural damage on the supports. Buying a condo in a small unit building and then discovering it needs a new roof is a financial hit many buyers can’t take.

Boston Real Estate: Can you rent out your condo

You may think when you buy your first Boston high rise condo, you might think you’ll leave there for a long time. But life always brings unexpected changes. Parents getting sick, an unexpected child coming just to name a few. See if you can rent out your condo should you need to move.

Boston Real Estate: Water Damage

Among the most insidious types of damage to look for is water damage. Things such as water stains, pools of standing water beneath drains, and a musty scent are all signs of water damage. It’s also important to recognize the signs of toxic mold, which is a much more serious problem that can threaten the structural integrity of a Boston North End condo

Methods to Hide Damage

Because there are some less-than-reputable sellers out there, you should also keep an eye out for “hidden” damage. Sellers often paint over water stains and even mold to try to sell their homes more quickly, so beware of uneven or discolored paint. New paneling could be hiding a bug or wildlife infestation. Some sellers will even install carpeting in an attempt to hide asbestos. It’s best to bring all your concerns to your hired home inspector before finalizing any deals. An inspector can be your best resource for the things to watch out for when buying a home.

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