By now, most Americans have become well aware of the comforts to be gained during this pandemic from scrolling through dreamy Zillow listings.

But if Saturday Night Live’s recent sketch drawing strong comparisons between browsing Zillow and phone sex didn’t completely confirm the nation’s compulsive obsession with Zillow, results from a recent survey conducted by California-based insurance agency Surety First will.

Surety First surveyed more than 1,000 people about why or how often they browse Zillow and what kinds of activities they might give up in order to enable their browsing of the site.

What the company found was, Zillow browsers can get pretty obsessed. More than half of those surveyed said they spent between one and four hours browsing listings, with the majority of those individuals (34.5 percent) spending between one to two hours on the site.

Men were 14 percent more likely than women to spend one to four hours on Zillow. Perhaps not surprisingly, individuals in the baby boomer demographic were less likely to be so hooked on the site, with 86 percent responding that they spent less than an hour or no time at all on the site.