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Boston condos

Ken is basically writing about why some homes don’t sell and others do.

Normally, this is a subject that could arise at just about any point in either a thriving or struggling housing market. But it’s of particular interest now because there are currently many hot housing markets with high demand and low inventory (not just in Boston) after an especially prolonged and severe downturn.

Besides the usual dunderheads who wouldn’t know how to sell a bar of gold, an argument might be made that sellers are: A.) a little rusty in their selling skills. B.) their minds are still hopelessly stuck in the pre-crash era. C.) they stopped doing routine maintenance during the downturn, figuring it wasn’t worth it. D.) their homes are or were foreclosed at one point (and all the cautionary negatives associated with them) E.) credit is still tight, turning off buyers who can barely get mortgages, let alone a little extra cash for after-sale renovations to subpar homes. F.) owners are still underwater compared to the bubble-peak prices they paid and just don’t want to sell even at a minor loss.

Those and other factors also lead to “turnoffs” that are sometimes unique to the times.

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Boston condos for sale:

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Boston condos

Boston condos for sale


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Updated: January 2018