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Was that in the real estate training manual?

As a boutique Beacon Hill real estate office, I don’t embarrass my newly licensed real estate agents like the big real estate office do. Let me explain.

Some may think that it’s a sign of trouble, but recognize that it’s realtor training in progress.

The larger real estate firms dominated by realtor teams now.  Their leaders send out the trainees to do open house every Saturday and Sunday, even though the chance of selling a Boston condo for sale at an open house that day is close to zero.

To pick up new buyer prospects.

They do it telling these suckers to tell attendees that the seller insists that everyone registers their contact information, and they are rather insistent about it.  The information is then used by the trainees who call you until you buy or die.

They will also be practicing their closing line, “Do you have any questions?”

Boston condo buyers here’s the big question

If you want to see how they are doing with their training, ask them;; “Can I buy this for 10% off?

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This is a true story about a Maine real estate broker who broke into a house because he forgot to bring the keys. Sea Cost Online News

After arriving at the property, he found no way in. When attempts to contact a locksmith failed, he gained access by breaking a glass window pane with a hammer   (Only in Maine do real estate brokers go on showings with a hammer) and unlatching the locked window. He then showed the property to his clients. (who are these clients?)

After the buyers left, Dignan’s agreement states, Dignan began to clean up the broken glass. At that time, Patricia Strater (the owner) arrived at the property unexpectedly. (I guess so)
Dignan explained what happened, (I would love to hear that explanation) and she asked him to leave. (Good for her)

The agreements state that Pape replaced the glass in the window pane that day, and within a few days, the Straters‘ house keys were returned. (A few days? Those must be some sleepless nights for the owner)

The Maine Real Estate Commission said Dignan demonstrated a “lack of professional judgment by breaking a window to gain access to the Strater property.” (You think?)

Due to this true story I revised my real estate training manual:

1) Before going on a sales showing have knowledge of the property.

2) Bring a real estate sales show sheet with you to the showing.

3) Bring keys to the showing or make arrangements to meet the listing agent.

4) Never use a hammer to gain access into a property.

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