I just want to clarify (correct) something I read in the newspaper, yesterday.

The majority of Massachusetts’ towns and cities are not “drowning in homes” (for sale).

Inventory levels are not high, right now.

You can debate as much as you’d like about why inventory isn’t higher (owners have given up, etc., etc., etc.) but you cannot contradict facts.

And, the facts are that, as of right now, MLSPIN, the multiple listing service used throughout most of Eastern Massachusetts, shows 13,000 condos and 26,000 single-family homes for sale.

I can’t find the data, but I believe we saw as many as 60,000 properties listed for sale at the same time, back in late 2005.

Challenge those who say things you know not to be true.


(** On a related note, I don’t know whether or not financial companies are “repossessing a record number of homes from owners who can no longer afford their mortgages.” Can someone please provide a source?)

Source: Wheeling and dealing – By Kimberly Blanton, Globe Staff and Bob Carroll, Globe Correspondent, The Boston Globe

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