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What I’ve learned from reading the Boston obituaries

What I’ve learned from reading the Boston obituaries. This morning, I accidently came across an obituary website (no I wasn’t looking up Ford Realty Inc.). To my amazement, dead people  seem to know a thing or two about living.

In this Boston Real Estate Blog post, I’ll share some life lessons I’ve learned from reading obituaries. Here are some of my favorites:

Success is measured in kindness. I try to emphasize this to my Boston condo for sale agents. I tell them to get to know your clients, what are their likes, dislikes and hobbies etc.

Overcoming obstacles builds character. If you think a catastrophe in your life will define you forever, worry not. Recently, one of my new agents lost out on a Boston Seaport condo for sale deal and thought Boston condo sales was too stressful. I told him you may think the loss of the Seaport condo deal defined you, but don’t ever count yourself out.

Don’t get stress out have fun. In the end, people won’t be remembered if you rented a Beacon Hill apartment or if you sold or lived in a Back Bay condo, but by how much joy you contributed to the world.  

Be honest, even if it hurts. There comes a point in everyone’s life and in death when you need to be brutally honest about hard stuff. To provide you with a Boston condo for sale an example, a few years back one of my agents told a potential Boston Beacon Hill condo seller that the new assessment will have an impact on your asking price. 

Try something new. Can you imagine at the end of your life you didn’t try something, simply because you might fail. Thinking of changing jobs? Do it. Afraid to move out of your Boston midtown condo rental. Move out an buy your own Boston high rise condo.

My final thoughts

Implementing these little things above my seem inconsequential, but try them, I ensure you they will bring joy to your life – they are what makes it so worth being alive

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