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Ha ha. I’ve never stalked a past client. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Realtor or stalker? – By J Lord, The Milford Daily News

The voice on the phone is familiar, and it really can’t sing. I interrupt, “Hey, Smith.”

Smith, not his real name, sold us our house way back in 1993. He calls both of us, on our birthdays, every year to sing, usually into the answering machine. He sends birthday cards with scratch tickets in them and monthly newsletters with recycled jokes and allegedly helpful hints. All of these come with a picture of his face and the slogan “Your Realtor FOR LIFE!”

In 2005, the calls resumed. “Happy birthday to youuuuu…” the answering machine screeched.

“How the heck did he get our number?” I asked Steve.

“He probably looked it up,” he said.

“But why? Why is he still calling us? We didn’t use him to sell our house, we’re not living anywhere near where he sells, why is he calling?”

Steve shrugged his shoulders.

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