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Back Bay Architectural Commission to Apple: Drop Dead

The Back Bay Architectural Commission (BBAC) has come out against Apple Computer Inc.’s proposal to build a four-story, glass-covered “jewel” on Boylston Street, in the Back Bay.

From The Boston Courant:

(The new building)…”is quite inappropriate in this location,” said one BBAC member.

“Tearing down the building needs to have overwhelming justification. I don’t see a compelling reason,” said another.

The Courant predicts, “The BBAC meeting is the first step in what would likely be a lengthy public approval process for the project.”

0 Responses to Back Bay Architectural Commission to Apple: Drop Dead

  • Working next door to Copy Cop for seven years, I know how ugly that building is currently. It’s

    an eye sore. Gee, a nice beautiful glass building, bringing a popular company to Boylston St, makes

    too much sense I guess. And not for nothing, but isn’t the new facade of Lord & Taylor’s down

    a block supposed to be all glass too? Seems to me would fit in perfect.

  • Chris, this is a brilliant point. I don’t understand the aesthetic appeal of the

    current building.

  • And we wonder why we have hand wringing headlines in the Globe

    about people & businesses leaving? It is much easier for reasonable people to do things

    elsewhere. These people are protecting a freaking Copy Cop!