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Most excellent mitten, ever!!!!!

I love this idea.

charlie mittenWhat is it? A Charlie Card Mitten, of course.

Designed and made by a local knitter, it’s perfect. You don’t have to take your Charlie Card out of your pocket, you just wave your hand against the kiosk (er, assuming it works) and, voila, you’re in!

I would buy one, in a second (especially if it was a glove, not a mitten).

– The Subway Knitter

0 Responses to Most excellent mitten, ever!!!!!

  • Instead of selling these mittens

    I’ve decided to raffle a pair to benefit Rosie’s Place. Details will be on my blog tomorrow.

  • I rarely take the T and so will now be penalized for

    paying cash (by being charged more). However, even if I did take the T more often, I still would

    not be interested in having an RFID-chip card!

  • Anyone who looks

    down on another american (or human being for that matter) is plain foolish and depraved. Especially

    when a person is ruled by the desires of their carnality and impatient bloodlust. Let alone for

    ridiculing their neighbours for using cold hard American cash. It is the people like that who

    create social disorder and racial immorality. This screams of godlessness and is an insult to human

    dignity. When human history is washed away. Only the society of Gods kingdom will be left on one

    earth. Everyone else found guilty of rejecting Jesus Christ rule will left to one other destination

    that one person will be in the less desirable “south” position of Christs righteousness and the

    other of us who surrender to HIS will, will reign with him forever in paradise.

  • Pretty soon you won’t need pockets in your mittens. You’ll have pockets in your skin to hold the

    chip now in your wallet. Get rid of it! RFID will only lead to the cataloging of all of us.