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Archive for the 'Boston condo sales data' category

Downtown Boston condo sales soared by 29 percent last year

Here’s the story and all the stats about the banner condo year for downtown Boston in 2012… Continue reading

Will mortgage interest rates stay low?

That mortgage loan prices are at historic lows is widely known (my email’s spam folder is full of reminders). What’s not as clear is why are rates so low and, more importantly, will they continue to stay low. The Wall Street Journal has a fine article out today, Reasons Why Mortgage Rates Are Staying Low, […]

Boston luxury condos: 45 Province St & Boston W

Boston luxury condos condo sales from 1/1/11 – 8/14/11: 45 Province Street 2011 condo sales Number of luxury condo sales: 16 Average condo sales price: $953,250.00 Median condo sales price: $841,500.00 Average price per square foot: $729.00 ————————————————— Boston W Residences 2011 condo sales: Number of condo sales: 19 Average condo sales price: $1,248,053.00 Median […]

Average & median Boston condo sales prices

Click on average and median Boston condo sales price chart (2nd Q) to enhance… Continue reading

Boston Downtown Condos – 45 Province Street

45 Province Street Downtown Boston Condo Sales According to the data I’ve obtained 32 condos have sold at 45 Povince Street with an average price per sq ft of $861.00. The median sales price for a condo at 45 Province Street is $931,000.00. The following are the units that have sold at 45P… Continue reading

Boston Waterfront Condos – Sales Stats

Boston Waterfront condo sales stats from January 1st – April 17th. Boston Waterfront condo Sales Jan 1st – April 17th: Number of Boston Waterfront condo sales from Jan 1st – April 17th 2011 – 28 Number of Boston Waterfront condo sales from Jan 1st – April 17th 2010 – 32 ———- Average Boston Waterfront condo […]

Boston Seaport Condos – Sales Stats

Comparing Boston Seaport condo sales 2010 with 2011. (Jan 1st – April 17th) Number of Boston Seaport condo sales 2010 – 27. Number of Boston Seaport condo sales 2011 – 18 ———– Average Boston condo seaport sales price 2010 – $624,037.00 Average Boston cond0 Seaport sales price 2011 – $687,194.00 ———– Median Boston condo Seaport […]

Boston condos ten year appreciation rate

The following chart is the 10 year appreciation rate for Boston condos. Click on Boston condo chart to enlarge. Continue reading | 1 Comment

MAR: Snow affected January sales

The Boston Massachusetts Association of Realtors said the bad weather was to blame for  huge declines in January home sales. Single-family homes put under agreement fell 7.3 percent compared to January 2010, and condo sales fell 12 percent from a year earlier. We don’t necessarily doubt that bad weather hasn’t helped, but it doesn’t explain […]

Boston condo sales: The first three weeks

1/1/2009 – 1/21/2009 Number of Boson condo sales – 104 Average condo sales price – $389,609 Median condo sales price – $270,000 Average price per square foot – $432.00 Average days on the market – 108 ———– 1/1/2010 – 1/21/2010 Number of Boson condo sales – 152 Average condo sales price – $484,162.00 Median condo […]

Let's talk Boston real estate. The most recent real estate comments

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  • warren currier, Done deal: Dr. Dre buys Tom and Gisele’s mansion for $40M: The property is located in LosAngeles,...
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  • Johnd478, Five signs you’re a ‘renter for life’: I just couldnt depart your site prior to...
  • Dionis Padron, Downtown condo prices now averaging near $1 million each: great article but prices for standalone...
  • John Ford, Charles Ponzi’s old Lexington home for sale at $3.3M: That’s a great idea. Anyone have an idea how...
  • Rich, Charles Ponzi’s old Lexington home for sale at $3.3M: Speaking of Mr. Ponzi, he ran his Ponzi scheme out of an...
  • amparo bracero, Big changes in store for Tremont Street?: I will love to comunicated my self with aida I was one of...
  • warren currier, Low mortgage rates may partly explain low inventory: The banks are making it very hard to get a loan....

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