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Boston condo owners: New amenities are coming to a home near you

(Getty; Illustration by The Real Deal)

(Getty; Illustration by The Real Deal)

Property management firms are upping their amenities game, raising the standard for Boston condo residents and also those across the country with services that once seemed reserved for the ultra-wealthy.

Property management are changing with the times and technology, if you were mediocre and you didn’t steal from your clients you were terrific, Large Boston condo management companies are now upping their game, with additional services.

New amenities for small condo buildings

These amenities are Often running residents a few extra bucks, more companies are providing a slew of wellness and hospitality amenities in a trickle-down from the offerings at branded luxury buildings.

More tenants in Beacon Hill condo buildings and Beacon Hill apartment renters and other downtown Boston neighborhoods can have access to an app to schedule grocery deliveries, cleaning services, reserve space in fitness sessions and keep track of entertainment events hosted by their property management company.

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Boston condos for sale

The trend has been a long time coming.

The demand for more services has started another trend within the management industry: a series of mergers and acquisitions in recent years as companies look to create scale in order to expand their service offerings without breaking the bank.

The extended amenity offers could also include offerings include insurance, concierge services, direct shipping of home appliances and offering portals where residents can pay rent and put in maintenance requests from their smartphones.

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Boston condo property management companies

The old guard remains in the form of mom and pop property management shops, still here in Boston. But the industry has room to modernize, and the rise of these services are likely to rise, even with smaller Boston condo management companies.

Top firms will continue to up their offerings in more markets as big players keep buying up the small fish, muscling them out or offering to buy them at prices they can’t refuse.

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Boston condos for sale

The future of Boston property management

If you took the top 10 property managers in the country that do what we do, right now we make up less than 2 percent of the market, and the largest owners make up less than 3 percent, So you’re talking about a huge opportunity.

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