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Last Sunday, we’re driving to the grocery store and a Bob Marley song came on, “Don’t worry, be happy”. Later that day, I had a conversation with a Boston real estate broker and he told me something I wasn’t aware of. Bob Marley didn’t write the song “Don’t worry be happy” nor was he the first one to sing the song.

For anyone alive in 1988, “Don’t worry, be happy” was written and sung by Bobby McFerrin’s There have been many happiness songs before, like the theme song from Gilligan’s Island, but McFerrin’s Grammy-winning tune has had the longest staying power, because it’s simple and directive.

Here’s the original song of “Don’t worry be Happy” from a 1988 MTV video:

If Bob Marley can use the lines of Bob McFerrin’s song, perhaps I can do a mix mashup of my two favorite happy songs from Don’t Worry be Happy and  the Gilligan’s Island theme song.

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of a Beacon Hill real estate trip


Don’t worry ’bout a thing,

Cause every little thing’s gonna be alright



The broker was a mighty real estate man,
The agent brave and sure.
Five renters went viewing that day
For a three hour tour, a three hour tour.


The apartment rents started getting rough,
The Beacon Hill renters were tossed,
If not for the courage of the fearless real estate broker
The real estate deal would be lost, the real estate deal would be lost.


Don’t worry ’bout a thing,

Cause every little thing’s gonna be alright


The Boston apartment renters set ground on the shore of Beacon Hill
With the Boston real estate blogger.
The agent, too
A Suffolk Student and his parent.
A bartender,
The Suffolk Professor and Mary Ann,*
Here on Beacon Hill apartment tours


Boston real estate and the Bottom Line

If you need to find a Beacon Hill apartment or a Beacon Hill condo for sale during the cornavirus,  just give me a call. And…. Don’t worry bout a thing. cause every little thing’s gonna be alright.

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