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Stay on top of the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on the Boston condo for sale market. Bookmark this page as our Boston real estate team will be updating this post with the most recent news events and human interest stories as they become available.

Boston real estate blog posts: June 2020 the coronavirus – Let’s laugh

Crowdsourcing the color you should paint for your house – Goes viral

The real estate story of the day: I DONUT know what I’d do without you

Boston real estate blog posts: May 2020 the coronavirus – 

My thoughrs on the future of Boston real estate handshakes

Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.

Did you ever receive a text message that wasn’t meant for you?

A story about Terrible Roomates

A story about a Beacon Hill Rental: Coronavirus changed everything, including common language

Take out pizza and beer are my essentials to the maintenance of Quarantine Boston condo life!

Words more timely now than ever

A real estate brokers’ adventure on buying a toaster at Target

Exercising, Boredom and Social Media: Bad combination for a real estate broker

Are you struggling like many other Boston residents? Here are two programs that can help

Charles Street Stores are in trouble – Please support them

Boston MA – Gov Baker signs law must wear face covering mask

Boston real estate blog posts: April 2020 the coronavirus

Boston real estate buyers and sellers be on the outlook for COVID-19 scammers

Boston real estate for sale: The new normal for showing Boston condo for sale listings

A Boston real estate broker should never be in charge of grocery shopping: The devil made me do it

I feel like I’m confined on a luxury cruise ship marooned on the Boston Common

What impact will COVID-19 have on Boston condo values

Tom Brady Accidentally Walks into the Wrong House in Tampa

My favorite Boston real estate agent Tweet of the day

SURVEY: COVID-19 and the Boston real estate market – Guest Blogger

For this Boston real estate broker its Happy Hour: Time for a quaran-tini

Boston condo inventory 1st Quarter 2020

Boston Real Estate Market: What type of recovery will we have?

Boston real estate broker: A tale about a UPS delivery

Another Boston real estate thought: What happens if you get scared half to death … twice?

Boston real estate brokers practicing for the Winter Olympic games. Not even the Coronavirus can stop us

A good real estate story always provides a benefit to the reader

Boston condo 1st Quater Sales Report.

Selling Boston real estate isn’t about waiting for the storm to past … It’s learning how to dance in the rain.

Recession, I’m afraid so, Boston real estate crash – not necessarily

Would you like to know what its like to own a Beacon Hill real estate office during the coronvirus outbreak?

Holy Week for believers – Hell of Week for Realtors

Better 6 feet apart than 6 feet under – Short story

How the coronavirus may have changed the real estate market forever

Coronavirus and the rise of desktop appraisals for Boston condos

The Boston real estate market: Searching for answers…..

All price points of the real estate market will be impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. Here’s how and why…..

Beer, movie and the window – Welcome to my new introverted life as a real estate broker

Perfect storm of events are happening right now: For future Boston condo sellers

Boston downtown condos owners: Your mortgage rights due to the coronavirus crisis

State of Paralysis an analysis: Beacon Hill apartment rental market.

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”

Boston real estate: As one person tweeted about the coronavirus, “Wealth is the victor”

Boston real estate for sale: Looking beyond the coronavirus outbreak.

Good News: Real Estate will lead us out of this economic downtown turn

Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else


Boston real estate blog posts: March 2020 the coronavirus

Things could always be better, but things could always be worse

Case Shiller Housing Report: Before and After The Cornonavirus

Boston real estate: As the coronavirus spreads alcohol sales soar

Are Boston real estate agents really “essential” employees?

High rise condo owners: I created a map of where you can go this weekend free of the coronavirus

A real estate brokers thought: The Coronavirus is just an obstacle to progress

Boston real estate for sale: We are in for a correction here

Boston real estate brokers story about toilet paper

A story about a Beacon Hill Real Estate Broker and his bike

Boston real estate for sale: And my Easter Prophecy

Boston real estate for sale headlines: It sounds like Armageddon, But its not

Boston real estate: Google are you sure this is the best answer?

This home for sale makes Tom Brady’s mansion look…..well can I say deflated

Boston real estate: Talking dog gives advice on how to cope with the coronavirus

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