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Manalapan Megamansion


This 16-acre estate, which has been quietly on the market since April 2015 is the epitome of opulence. With 33 bedrooms and 47 bathrooms, you can entertain your entire extended family and then some. The estate features 1,200 feet of private ocean front, a botanic garden with 1,500 species of tropical trees and plants, a sports complex, a treehouse, and so much more. The main mansion was built in 1940s and was once the home of Gloria Guinness, a twentieth century style icon and one of Truman Capote’s ‘Swans.’

9 Brookline Estate


Located five miles southwest of downtown Boston, this 14-acre retreat offers an easy, but total escape from the city. The sylvan estate is currently owned by former Reebok CEO Paul Fireman and features a grand limestone residence spreading 8 bedrooms and 12 baths over a whopping 26,623 square feet. All this is surrounded by a country club and golf course.

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The Fifteen most current and consistently updated list of most expensive homes in Boston

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