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In the video below, Barbara Corcoran explains what’s happening in the current real estate market and the impact that the coronavirus has played.

Half-way through the video she makes some predictions on the long-lasting impact that the coronavirus will have. Here are a few.

  • “…. there’s a possibility that the (real estate) market will explode in terms of sales and rising prices….” Once the coronavirus crisis is over.
  • Digital marketing videos will be huge. Barbara Corcoran states: “….it will help the rental market…. but once you get outside the rental market, no way people are going to buy units because of a phenomenal virtual tour.'”
  • Lastly, Barbara stated when asked a question by the host; “The way real estate is marketed, without a doubt (will change). I think you’re going to see brick and mortar real estate store fronts (with high paying rents) paid by large real estate agents, probably not exist two years from today.


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