When Kevin moved from NYC to Boston two years ago, he was fairly certain he wanted to make Boston Beacon Hill his home for at least a while. So he contacted a Beacon Hill real estate office and recently closed on a Beacon Hill condo for sale, two blocks from his previous Beacon Hill apartment . Just shy of 27 and single, Kevin is the first among his friends to own a downtown Boston condo.

This is the story of his search for a Beacon Hill condo for sale

“I knew exactly what I wanted”

I knew that I wasn’t going to change my job anytime soon after my big promotion. I knew that I wanted to be around people and have stuff to do. Beacon Hill always seemed really attractive with all the boutique stores, pubs and restaurants I knew I wanted grocery stores within walking distance, like in NYC. And, because I lived in NYC I knew that I did not need a lot of space.

Beacon Hill condo values

I figured at least in the long term Beacon Hill condo for sale values will go up, along with interest rates, which also motivated me to buy a Boston condo for sale now rather than wait. And the commute to work is an ideal 15 minute walk.

He was looking at Beacon Hill condos and didn’t want to compromise on amenities.

I wanted hardwood floors and granite kitchen tops. And, this might sound weird coming from a guy — but a walk-in closet. I definitely wanted one. I did not like the modern open bedroom, loft-like apartments that I saw in other areas of downtown Boston.

Once he found his ideal Beacon Hill condo for sale

,Kevin had patience and time and he waited  months for the exact Beacon Hill condo for sale to become available.

The Beacon Hill condo search process

I started looking at places in last year and placed a Beacon Hill condo under agreement this year. The unit with the floor plan I wanted had just sold out, and it took several months for another one to be listed on the market. As soon as it did, I put in my bid, even without actually looking at the Beacon Hill condo.

But even in today’s market I was in a bidding war I changed raised my bid and closed the deal. I put down 5%, most of what I had saved and the rest is financed through a mortgage.

I wouldn’t say I want to live here the rest of my life. When I get married, I might want to move out. I will rent out this place then. I might think of buying my next Boston condo for sale in five to eight years. But I definitely want to stay in downtown Boston, preferably in this neighborhood.

Boston Beacon Hill condos for sale

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