From Scott Van Voorhis, in today’s Herald:

You�ve got to hand it to local business magnate Steve Belkin for coming
up with probably the most bold proposal for a new downtown tower Boston has
ever seen.

A 1,000-foot Renzo Piano masterpiece at the center of the Hub�s skyline. The
cherry on top is a half-acre park in the sky at the very top of the proposed

Too bad it will never get built.

Oh, wait. I don’t think there’s anything to suggest that it won’t be built.

It’s fun to immediately take the opposing point of view, when something
happens. That’s called “being contrarian”, or, to my friends, “being John”.

Mr. Van Voorhis lists five reasons why the tower won’t be built:

* Cost of materials – my take? I dunno. Yes, things are more expensive.
* No office workers to fill the tower – my take? There will be. Moderate
growth in the numbers of business workers has put the downtown vacancy rate
at lows not seen since the 1990’s. Count on that growth to continue. The
new tower won’t be done until 2009? Perfect timing.
* NIMBYism will keep anything of such height from being built – my take?
I’ve yet to hear anyone say they’re against this, in any neighborhood. Mr.
Van Voorhis drums up the “shadow” issue, which, as far as I know, only he
has ever even mentioned. Trust me, trust me, trust me, children, it is an
impossibility, a solar impossibility, for a tower in Winthrop Square to cast
a shadow on Boston Common.
* Boston is always failing to get things done – my take? True. But, stop
being so sour.
* Everyone will be asking for a handout – my take? Hadn’t thought of this
one. Maybe.

So, will a 1,000-foot tower be built in Boston, and will it be done by 2009?


Source: Tommy�s Tower: Just pie in the sky – By Scott Van Voorhis, The
Boston Herald