Boston Apartments

Boston Apartments

Here’s an interesting post on Boston’s beloved triple-deckers homes, most of them built in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

A number of points:

1.) It’s fascinating that construction of triple-deckers literally tracked, no pun intended, the building of new trolley lines in the city and to other “streetcar suburbs.”

2.) There seems to be debate about whether they’re called “triple deckers” or “three deckers.”

Well, there’s no debate here about what to call them: They’re “triple-deckers.” The city of Boston itself officially describes them as “triple deckers.” So who are these “three-decker” interlopers who dare question the linguistic authority of Mayor Menino himself?

3.) Did you know there’s a special “3D Members Discount” at local hardware stores for triple-decker owners? It’s true. You learn something new every day.

4.) Apparently, according to this Wikipedia entry, triple-deckers were also popular as far south as New Jersey. But they’re mostly associated with New England, Massachusetts and Rhode Island in particular. Worcester and Fall River also have a ton of them.

Obviously, Somerville, Cambridge, etc. have a lot of triple-deckers as well. Somerville, it should be noted, is arguably the triple-decker capital of the world, in addition to being an All-American City.

Photo via city of Boston.

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