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Back Bay Condo Sales Data:

Boston Back Bay studio sales 2012 in third quarter there was 23 condominium sales.

2013 number of sales transactions dropped down to total of 8.

It only got worse  in 2014 third quarter where the number of studio real estate sales only come to 2. A drop of 75% from the previous year.

The good news for Back Bay condo Sellers, even though sales were down dramatically the average selling price went from $295,391 in 2012, up to $338,625 in 2013. In 2014 the average selling price went up again to $365,500.

DOM to sell a studio condominium was 16 days in 2014.

Boston Back Bay Condos: Sales Data:

One Bedroom Back Bay condominiums.

2012 – 48 sales, average selling price $500,597 increase of 10.85% from the previous year.

2013 – 70 real estate sales with an average selling price of $549,156 up 9.70% from 2012.

2014 – 45 condominium sales with an average sales price of 636,117 up 25.84% from last year.

Days on market fro a typical one bedroom condo to sell  in 2014 was 36 days.

Two Bedroom Back Bay Condos.

2012 – 56 Back Bay real estate  sales with an average price of $1,066,792.

2013 – 82 Back Bay condo sales with an average sales price of $1,196,786.

2014 – 55 property sales down 32% from last year. However, the average sales price was up 15.97% to $1,387, 878.

The average time to sell a two bedroom in 2014 was 38 days.

Three Bedroom Back Bay Real Estate Sales.

2012 – 31 condo sales in the Boston Back Bay area. Average sales price $2,722,306.

2013 – 18 condominium sales down 41.94% from the previous year. Average sales price was up at $3,160,278 an increase of 16.09&.

2014 – 24 Back Bay property sales up 33.33% from last year. The average sales price was down less than 10% at $2,907,682.

The average time to sell a three bedroom condo in Back Bay was 51 days.


Source: Back Bay condo sales data LINK

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