Today when I was at Panifico on Charles Street waitng for my take-out order, I had a conversation with a real estate broker that has been running a one man real estate office on Beacon Hill for about 20 years. Our conversation was about Boston condo sales and apartments rentals and it went something like this:

Beacon Hill Broker: John, have you noticed that newspaper print ads are not as powerful as they once were.

Me: Ahh… yeah.

Beacon Hill Broker: Just curious, do you still still pay for newspaper print ads?

Me: Not really. I do most of my advertising on the internet now.

Beacon Hill Broker: Really? You know I have a Boston real estate website. But to tell you the truth I would rather call in Boston Globe Ads, I still think the old way is still better.

After our brief conversation ended I was reminded of one of those short skits that Seinfeld did at the beginning of each of his shows. Remember this one.

File Under: I guess progress is not for everybody.


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