Boston condos for sale

Boston condos for sale

So, not so long ago, there was an area in Boston known as the “New York Streets” neighborhood.  Or, something like that.  It was down off of Albany Street – the streets off of Albany were named after the towns and cities that the old Boston-Albany train line passed on its way into New York State.  Kind of neat, huh.

The Boston and Albany Railroad (reporting mark B&A)[1] was a railroad connecting Boston, Massachusetts to Albany, New York, later becoming part of the New York Central Railroad system, Conrail, and CSX Transportation. The line is currently used by CSX for freight. Passenger service is still operated on the line by Amtrak (as part of their Lake Shore Limited service), and by the MBTA Commuter Rail system, which owns and uses the section east of Worcester as their Framingham/Worcester Line.

In the 1950s, around the time they tore down Scollay Square and wiped out the West End (which wasn’t a totally bad idea, contrary to what you hear these days), the powers that be decided that the New York Streets neighborhood needed to be torn down because it was a slum (I considered putting that in quotes, but didn’t).

Boston condos for sale

Boston condos for sale

Anyway, I want to write more about this.  It’s an interesting story.

If you are wondering whereabouts this is, it’s where the Herald is now, and the Verizon telephone exchange building, and those parking lots back there, and that tall storage building.

From something, nothing.

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Boston condos

Boston condos for sale


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