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For some reason, I’m reminded of this story.

About a year ago, as I was setting up my Open House sign. There was an adjacent Beacon Hil condo for sale in the next building.

A loud Beacon Hill condo conversation

I overheard this conversation:

I think we should put in an offer of $535,000 for the Beacon Hill condo for sale. and we can also go up from there.

 I am amazed at how many people talk loudly while standing in front of a Beacon Hill condo building where a condominium is for sale.

I guess the reason I brought this up, a couple of nights ago I listened while a couple hashed out how much they were going to offer.

At one point there was a couple inside the home touring it while another couple was outside talking about buying it and asking a nearby neighbor a question.

I can’t see any advantage in sharing what is going to be in an offer or your desire to buy a particular property but I can see some disadvantages.

When people use their indoor voices outside they can have a conversation without sharing it with the neighborhood.

A day after I heard overheard the conversations one of my clients expressed an interest in the property. If she had decided to make an offer I would have known just how to advise her.

On another note about Beacon Hill Open Houses

People like to discuss offers with their Facebook friends and their church friends too. I have seen both situations cause a lot of drama for home buyers and sellers too.

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