Morgan Quitno Press is out with their annual “America’s Safest Cities” report.

Top ten cities, over 500,000 people:

1 San Jose, CA
2 Honolulu, HI
3 El Paso, TX
4 New York, NY
5 Austin, TX
6 San Diego, CA
7 San Antonio, TX
8 Louisville, KY
9 Fort Worth, TX
10 Jacksonville, FL

Of ALL cities (371 ranked), New York City is at 227.

Some of the more dangerous cities included Baltimore, at 12th, Philadelphia, at 29th, and Boston, at 58th.

The list is based on statistics from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. The report, released in September, breaks down statistics into 29 separate offenses to illustrate crime rates in cities throughout the country. To form the list, Morgan Quitno Press plugged the FBI’s statistics on murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and motor vehicle theft in each city into a formula that places equal weight on each type of crime.

The FBI doesn’t agree 100% with the company’s methodology, because it ignores many geographical and demographic differences between cities that influence crime rates.

Source: America’s Safest Cities, Morgan Quitno Press, by way of Christopher Faherty, The New York Sun