The Globe discusses “co-housing” developments, in an article today:

Advocates for cohousing, a term used for private housing developments that include common facilities and offer communal meals and other shared benefits for residents, say interest in these types of neighborhoods is growing as more people look to build stronger communities, cope with increasing economic pressures, and live with others who share their concerns about the environment.

I have been to the Cambridge co-housing development (you would have thought that an article in the Boston Globe would have been more descriptive of this project, but I guess not). The condos seemed attractive and functional on the inside. Several residents told me they were social workers, and teachers. Many of the people seemed to be of retirement age. And, many residents had decorated their doorways with “Welcome” signs and put little boxes of potpourri on their shelves and the hallways were full of rocking chairs.

In an earlier decade, you might compare this type of living (favorably) to a “commune”. You don’t have to be “earthy-crunchy” to like it, but the idea of a “village raising a child” is probably quite prominent.

Anti-social types need not apply, is all I’m saying.

Source: Common needs spur growth in cohousing developments / Desire for community, shared resource savings are cited by proponents – By Susan Chaityn Lebovits, The Boston Globe

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