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Cindy Stumpo (shown above), a Boston developer, is at the center of HGTV’s new series “Tough as Nails.” Here’s an excerpt from The New York Times regarding the new real estate development show on HGTV:

HGTV calls “Tough as Nails,” which begins on Thursday, a docudrama, but it looks more like a docu-telenovela, a weekly series about a tough, comely Boston developer, Cindy Stumpo, who barks orders at all-male construction crews but cannot still the yearnings of her own heart. Like Bathsheba Everdene, the Thomas Hardy heroine who is torn between a loyal farmhand and her rakish runaway husband, Cindy mistily tells the camera that she trusts and relies on Michael, her foreman, but still has “feelings” for her ex-husband, Joe.

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