Boston Condos for sale

Boston condos for sale

Funny article in the Globe about buyers who get focused on just one neighborhood, one street…one house, and go to extremes to get it.

By Elaine McArdle, Boston Globe

For some, however, this approach can become an obsession. Take the case of a young mother intent on buying in a specific area of Arlington. She sent letters to all of the neighbors. She drove up and down streets, rang doorbells, and knocked on doors. She planted herself in her car for hours, waiting for people to emerge from their homes so she could accost them and bend their ear. She hung out at the local playground and talked to anyone who could help her land the target of her affection: any house in that area.

”She wanted in the school district very badly,” recalls Lynne Lowenstein, a realtor with Coldwell Banker in Arlington.

For two years, the woman kept up her campaign. Finally, her devotion paid off: A house came on the market. The seller asked Lowenstein to contact her, and the woman made an offer. And then, like a confused suitor attracted only to the unattainable, she backed out.

”I know, I know!” says Lowenstein, who, two years later, remains surprised by the woman’s decision. ”I think she was frightened by the price,” around $500,000. ”Then she had terrible regrets and wished she had stuck with it because it sold for more than she offered.”

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