Changing Household Demographics and the growth of the Hispanic population in Boston and the Country

Boston Massachusetts condos real estate

Boston Massachusetts condos and real estate

In 2013, the Hispanic population in the United States accounted for 17% of the total population. By 2020, the Census Bureau predicts that the Hispanic population will account for 20% of the total U.S. population.

Changing Household demographics: Hispanic growth

Changing Household demographic: Hispanic growth








Presently, in Massachusetts the Hispanic population is 10.5%. In the Boston area, one of the dominate area for Hispanics/Latinos is in East Boston. The Hispanics/Latinos comprise of 52.8% of the total population of East Boston. The White population is 37.2%

Overall in Boston 47% of the residents are White, 22.3% are Black/African Americans and 17.5% are Hispanic/Latinos.

Real Estate Quick facts from the Massachusetts Census

*Number of housing units in the Massachusetts area 2,813,536

*Homeownership rate in Massachusetts is 63.2%

*Number of multi-housing units 41.6%

*Median value of a owner-occupied home $335,500

*Number of people in an average household 2.50

*Average income per person $35,485.00

*Median household income $66,658

Source: Massachusetts Census

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