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You’ve decicded to list your Beacon Hill condo for sale, but it looks like it needs a little work? Renovating a downtown Boston condo isn’t quite as simple as renovating a stand-alone house, but this doesn’t mean condo upgrades are impossible before placing it on the market

Here’s what you need to know before you start planning any remodel for a Boston condo.

Check Your Condo Association About Renovation

Before starting to renovate check the rules and regulations you agreed to when you bought the Beacon Hill condo.  You just need to make sure you apply for any necessary permits, alert the condo board at the proper time, and schedule your renovations for the building’s allowed hours. Learning the rules before making renovations will keep you from making plans like installing new windows that may not be permissible in some historic Beacon Hill condo buildings. 

Determine What Can and Can NOT be Renovated

Since your condominium is part of a larger building, there may be restrictions about where you can renovate. Things like seemingly random columns may actually be structural elements that you’re not allowed to remove. Typically, condo owners aren’t allowed to remodel the external parts of their condos, such as doors and windows, without getting approval and ensuring the renovations match the building’s overall style. 

Consult With Your Neighbors

Even if you already have permission for the project from your condo board, it’s still a good idea to speak with your neighbors about your plans. Alerting them about the renovations and working with them to find ways to avoid upsetting their schedules is a good idea because it ensures you don’t end up feuding with neighbors later on. 

Boston Real For Sale & The Bottom Line

Renovating you Beacon Hill condo yourself can save you a lot of money, but make sure you’ll be able to remodel it before you buy. If you’re looking for condos in downtown Boston, your first move should be to talk to the real estate experts at Ford Realty Inc., at 617-720-5454

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