Nearly one quarter of U.S. home sales last year closed at over their listed price, according to a new Zillow study. This national average has increased since 2012, when 17.8 percent sold over-asking; in 2017 that percentage to 24.1.

The study is much more dramatic when we look at individual cities like Boston. In 2017, Boston went from 13.4 percent in 2012 over bids to 40.6 percent in 2017.

Before any of you nay-sayers spending too much time “plugged in” to other sites get all bent out of shape about us Realtors constantly touting overbids, stop for a minute and look at the underlying areas, such as my neighborhood of Beacon Hill

Here are the top 10 Overbids to finish out 2017 for Beacon Hill:
1. 145 Pinckney Street #318 – 32,00o.00 over asking.

2. 45 Revere #1 – $36,000.00 over asking.

3. 7 Primus $41,000,00 over asking.

4. 22 Revere #2 – $75,000.00 over asking price.

30 Hancock  St. #2 – $100,000 over asking price.



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