You can design your Beacon Hill condo to look in style for countless years to come. By following these tips, you can achieve a stylish and timeless home design.

1. Arrange Around a Focal Point

Every room in a well-designed Beacon Hill condo has a clear focal point. This is the part of the room that draws your gaze when you enter. Focal points give every room a sense of purpose and cohesion.

Many timeless Beacon Hill homes have focal points like fireplaces or built-in shelving that make styling rooms easy. However, you may need to create your own focal point using artwork, a feature wall or a piece of statement furniture. Once you know your room’s focal point, arrange furniture and other decorations around it for a balanced look that never goes out of style.

2. Pick a Tried-and-True Color Scheme

Picking a color scheme for your Boston condo — or even just a single room — can feel like a gauntlet. You want to incorporate colors you like, but you also don’t want to pick something you’ll get tired of in a few months. Skip the endless paint swatches and choose a classic color scheme that rarely fails.

Neutrals always stay in style, but you don’t have to play it safe with beige. Instead, try color combinations like charcoal and cream, brown and green, or indigo and bright white. In general, keep walls subtle and bring in color through accents.

3. Make Thoughtful Furniture Choices

Though the furniture in your house serves a practical function, it also says a lot about your style and your home. You should put careful thought into choosing your furniture.

Some furniture pieces have stood the test of time. Wingback chairs, Chesterfield sofas and canopy beds look just as comfortable in modern homes as they do in paintings of bygone centuries. Many old furniture styles come in modern fabrics and materials to suit any taste. Choose well-known furniture designs for a look that will last.

4. Install Timeless Fixtures

Fixtures are essential parts of your Beacon Hill condo interior and exterior, so they should receive just as much consideration as your furniture and other decorations. Claw foot tubs are an example of a timeless indoor fixture. They look just as beautiful in vintage-inspired homes as they do in modern ones. Pick quality fixtures with classic shapes, avoiding styles that seem like passing trends.


Fixtures outside of the house are also important. Your doors, for example, announce the style of your house to the outside world. Though many doors today are made of steel and fiberglass, wood can be a timeless choice for many homes. Turn to the classics when choosing doors and windows. French doors and swinging patio doors make particularly strong statements.

5. Incorporate a Great Rug

Iconic designer Billy Baldwin used area rugs on top of carpeting. His advice still rings true today: By adding texture and color, rugs create visual interest in a room. They can even make interiors feel more cozy and welcoming.

Use rugs that complement your color scheme and feature vintage patterns to create a stylish look that will stay in style. Oriental rugs make perfect decorations in any room.

6. Hide Your Electronics

Nothing dates a room quicker than outdated electronics. Though technology grows smaller and more streamlined every year, it’s still difficult to incorporate large pieces of tech, like a television, into a room without throwing off the design.


In order to keep your space looking current, disguise your electronics when possible. Avoid exposed wires and consider surrounding your television with well-decorated shelving.

7. Incorporate Personality Without Clutter

Your Boston condo should express your personality, but it shouldn’t be a museum of your past. Excessive clutter can make a room feel crowded and leave it looking tired after a few years.

Try to incorporate your personality into your design by choosing decorations with intention. Use framed pieces of art and large decorations like vases or sculptures on surfaces instead of small souvenirs. When you do place personal items around your house, think about how you can best incorporate them into your existing design.

8. Try Trends You Like

Though trends don’t last forever, you should still incorporate them into your design if they make you happy. To ensure you’re satisfied with the design of your house, incorporate trends through small pieces like pillows or centerpieces. By using small decorations, you make them easy to swap out without having to buy all new furniture.

Design Your Beacon Hill Condo

When you decorate your Beacon Hill condo, you want to know your effort will pay off. Use these timeless decorating tips to create a visually stunning space that will make you feel at home for years to com

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