Boston condo buyers battled it out for much of  2018 as prices ticked up in our sellers’ market.

The average price of a Boston condo jumped in price over the previous quarter, average citywide finding a Boston condo $500,000 is becoming more difficult. 

Here’s out list of Boston condos on the market in this price range:

Finding a house for under $1,000,000 is a challenge, with only a few neighborhoods offering such inventory. Buyers need to look in other areas if they realistically want to purchase a home in this range.

Cash sales only accounted for 17.5% of reported house sales, down from the 25% we’ve been seeing for the past few years. However, many buyers are writing offers with terms typically reserved for cash sales, such as waived financing and appraisal conditions.

The condo market remained relatively flat, with an average citywide price of $1,310,747. Buyers paid an average of $1,062 per square foot in the last quarter. In fact, two-bedroom condos sold for an average of $1,329,741, while one bedrooms were $835,78


Buying a Beacon Hill condo for sale


Buying a Downtown/Midtown Boston condo for sale

Updated:  2018

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