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Melville Park is an absolutely wonderful neighborhood, full of beautiful single-family Victorian homes.  I would live there, in a second.

Population: 2643 residents
Average age: 45 years old
Homeowners: 41%

It is also a neighborhood surrounded by areas facing the worst of urban problems, including crime, unemployment, and run-down housing.

Two days ago, four men were gunned down in the basement of home between Melville Park and Fields Corner.

It’s easy for urban dwellers to forget they live in a city.  This act of violence should remind us all that we are a part of a community, and that we all need to be involved in making our city a better place to live, for everyone.

Dorchester oasis faces trouble in paradise – Lisa Wangsness, The Boston Globe

It’s the Beacon Hill of Dorchester, some say. Home to clergy, business executives, a city councilor and a city councilor-elect, Melville Park prides itself in its gracefully curving streets and meticulously kept Victorian homes.

On one street, a twinkling necklace of gas lamps encircles an oval park. Every spring, there is a house tour; at Christmas, neighbors gather to sing carols.

But Melville Park residents also live surrounded by some of the most violent neighborhoods in Boston. Gunfire is commonplace in the nearby Bowdoin-Geneva area. In neighboring Fields Corner, shop owners live with the fear of robbers. At Ronan Park, a 10-minute walk away, John Beresford, a activist, was stabbed to death in broad daylight in May.

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